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'OMG this song!': Diesel recalls listening to 96FM in the car.

“I think I’ve said many times with my band in the car like ‘oh my God, this song, you used to hear it so much on 96FM.”

One person who remembers the early days of FM is Aussie blues-rock legend, Mark Lizotte – aka Diesel.

“When we were in Perth, we’d tune in,” the former Scarborough High student told Botica’s Bunch.

“I think out of so many stations around the country, I have to say 96FM has always had a very distinct playlist.”

Just before FM radio hit Australia, it was already gaining traction in the US.

“I lived in Arizona, so it wasn’t like I wasn’t familiar with FM, but it was definitely a new thing,” Lizotte said, adding that there were less ads and more of a focus on music, particularly album tracks.

 “That’s one thing I remember early on, is that 96FM was album orientated - AOR as they called it back then,” he said with an American twang.

“And it just had great programming, and of course things like the Sky Show and hooking up with the fireworks, it really was the soundtrack to our lives, and still is.”

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