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The Red Parrot, Pink Floyd and an Inflatable Pig: Rick & Sue’s fave gigs.

“My favourite by a million miles was the Pink Floyd concert.”

We thought we knew Seven News' Susannah Carr.

It seems we did not.

The world’s longest running news anchor duo (and the mum and dad of Perth news), Rick Ardon & Susannah Carr dropped in for a good ol’ catch up on 96FM's 40 Years with Botica’s Bunch and, not gonna lie, it was an eye-opener.


“We’ve seen a few concerts between us,” Lisa remarked before Susanna jumped in saying, “and all we can do now is reminisce because we can’t go to anything.”

“We were lucky that we got our Elton leg in,” Lisa continued. “That was an amazing show, but the  three-year farewell tour has been completely upheaved.”

“We feel for a lot of musicians like that who were planning to do things that aren’t happening now – Rod Stewart postponed his show until two years from now,” Fred said before changing pace.

When Fred asked what were some of the favourite concerts that they’d seen over the years, Susanna didn’t hold back.

“My favourite by a million miles was the Pink Floyd concert,” she said as Lisa chimed in with “the one in East Fremantle Oval?” to which Susanna replied with an enthusiastic “yes!”

All four then remembered bits from the 1988 gig, such as the huge inflatable pig… which Fred said ended up in some beachside suburb north of Perth after being picked up by the wind.

“From memory,” Rick recalled, “Roger Waters wasn’t there but when he came back and I saw him at Perth Oval, when he sang Wish You Were Here, a little tear trickled down my cheek.”

When it came to music, Susanna admitted she into “weird stuff”.

“Like ancient instruments and things like that… I’m open to anything, musically.”

Rick chimed in again with his memories of seeing some Australian bands in Perth.

“I remember seeing Aussie Crawl at the Red Parrot,” he said to which Lisa said, “Oh my God I lived for the Red Parrot!”

Susanna said she was meant to see INXS at the Metropolis.

“Unfortunately. Michael Hutchence went and died two weeks before which really ruined the concert.”

Ooof, Susanna.

“He was one of the great frontmen though, and such an intelligent guy too… their music just holds up so well.”

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